Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Before taking this course I had believed myself to be an average productive student in terms of having my assignments completed and turned in on time. As the weeks went by this semester I realized one really important thing about myself that I have never noticed in the past. I am NOT as focused as I believed myself to be. When class first began I was literally introduced to RHETORIC. Rhetoric is something that I never actually put into context for the purpose of Analysis. I had to train my brain to think from different angles and it was difficult for me at times being that I have been in college for five years and my brain has never had to take in such complex thought. Literally everything that we worked on in this class was an intense learning experience for me that I will never forget.
Professor Ramirez gave us interesting assignments to do in which you had to be focused and if you were not you be become focused. The blogs were interesting I never wrote or read a blog before this class. We were to write one blog per week, which was not difficult. Thank goodness she did not give us specific topics to write about. Being free to choose our own topic gave us an outlet to write about what was on our mind and it was actually for a grade. I admit I missed a few blogs to the lack of my responsibility. I loved the blogs it set an easy routine into the course that helped the time go by smoothly. I enjoyed reading my classmates blogs and for them to read mine. It gave me a way to sort of know my class mates. From reading their blogs gave me an idea of them as a person and was able read different styles of writing from them.
I feel that I am ready for future research papers in the terms of collecting information and sorting them into the proper areas to get a complete outlook on the research. What I will say is that I need a more clears understanding of how to actually blend it all together in the order of importance and so forth.
I only wish that I had more time in the course to really take in the important details as I know that I will need these skills to continue my college education. English was never really a favorite topic. My attendance for this course was a huge surprise to me. I did NOT miss a day. I was late a few times by about 15 minutes and once I was an hour late. The hour late I could not help but the other times I should have been on time. I never thought about skipping class because I knew if I missed a day I would have set myself behind and I could not afford that. Professor Ramirez had an amazing way of teaching this course. If I did not understand something Professor Ramirez was able to explain it, and gave me countless amounts of help that have made a difference in my learning. Professor Ramirez can explain something 10 different ways if you needed her to. I remember having complete mind freezes on a few occasions on assignments that should not have been as complex as I made them to be, and Professor Ramirez helped me to begin my thought process in the right direction. I am so thankful for having a Professor with such a positive teaching outlook, being that there were many times that I just wanted to quit, I did not want to challenge myself. I wanted the easy way out. Then I looked back at the support that I was provided by Professor Ramirez and I did not want her to feel that she wasted hours helping me to complete my assignments. I have high respects for Professor Ramirez being that she is a Doctoral Candidate and she was going through many of the feelings that we were in not definitely more. So, I kept any and all excuses to myself about my work. I would only tell her that I do not understand and she would help me. No matter how petty my questions she would always have an answer and she never made me feel that –I should have known that already.

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