Saturday, March 15, 2008


I attended the symposium on March 7, 2008, before going I had no idea on what to really get from this. What I found out when I sat there for the first fifteen minutes was that hearing the Undergraduate round table discuss there topics of research and answering the question that were being asked to them, only helped me to understand the critical thinking of rhetoric. I was so shocked that I could finally describe it without feeling like it still does not make sense. I have tried many different ways to approach this new subject and everyway was helping but not enough.

The graduate round table was also very interesting. So much information is being included into their subjects and you have this clear understanding as to where they are going with their information. I hope to soon be at a point where I can completely make this understandable to anyone whom may have the interest.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Am I Rhetorical??

So I work at a daycare I teach the preschool age children ranging from 3 to 5 years of age. I love them so much because they remind me of when I was a child and I wish I could have enjoyed my childhood as much as I see them enjoy theirs.

So on to the story, you know you will always have that "ONE SPECIAL CHILD" that will just keep you on your toes. Mine is a little four year old girl named Eliana, I have taken care of her ever since she was 13 months old. She has this thing where she likes to call out my mistakes in front of the whole class. Yes I love when she does it because it shows me that she is confident in what she knows and understands. She is HARD on me and she does not like it when I forget to do something in our regular routine.

So my mistake today was that I didn't tell the class the Shape, Letter, Number, and Color of the day "BEFORE" I began the flashcards. How could I forget that??? Through random conversations Eliana has told me that she wants to be a Teacher. On occasions I pay close attention when she is playing and she always plays the teacher and she has her students, Eliana does EVERYTHING that I do when she plays teacher. I mean every single detail even to the point of how I SNEEZE.

I just pray that she does not ever change her mind about wanting to become a teacher and I will do my best to teach her as much as I can so that she may pass it on to her own students one day.

If my opinion counts, I look at Eliana and the job that I can so see her doing is a News Reporter for Channel 7 news! She speaks so well she takes great pictures she would fit that look..