Saturday, April 12, 2008

Are you ever TOO old?

So my thought for this week is.... Do you ever get to a certain age to where you feel that you may be a little too old for mom and dad to tell you what you can and can not do? Well in my case, I live Alone, I pay all of my bills Alone, I take care of everything that I have to on my own. Yes I have a mother who will do things for me voluntarily but not to the extent where I am dependent on her for it.

So this is the story, my Best friend's grandmother passed away just recently and I have not been the comforting and supporting best friend that I should be. I have known her grandmother for seven years and I know her more than I know my own grandmother. I have been so consumed with work and school that I have yet to go visit her and the family to show my support. Well my best friend understands and has not held it against me. I call her as often as I know she would need someone to talk to, and this week she was out shopping for some items that she needed for a mass that they will have for her grandmother which will be held in Juarez. I let her know that I want to go and to let me know for sure so that I can ride over there with them, I can not drive in Juarez...

The next day I'm talking to my mother and tell her that I'm going to the mass in Juarez. She tells me that I am not going! My mother has been keeping up with everything violence wise that has been going on there in Juarez. What worries my mother the most is the things that happen to women. I mean I respect that she cares and worries about my safety. I have been there plenty of times with my best friend and her family for similar situations such as masses and baptisms in Churches. Granted I am still going regardless.

Would this be considered disobeying my mother??

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