Saturday, April 19, 2008


I read an article today that stated a law changed in London to where Psychics, Spiritual Healers, and the like can possibly lead them to be persecuted and prosecuted. The Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951 was their protection against anyone who rendered services from them and they could not seek legal action if the services did not help. I guess the British Prime Minister believed that if that type of practice was generating so much money that they needed to do something to protect the consumers. These changes should come into effect next month.

The majority of them fall under a "Religious" practice. What is upsetting them is that now they have to prove that they are "Genuine". Which no other religion has to do.

I look at it like this People do go to Psychics for many different reasons. Mainly because of an interest in what they may find out. Others yes they may have troubles health wise, financial wise, or emotionally. I really do not think that even in the most desperate cases that a person would automatically run to a Psychic or a spiritual as their first option. It may be something that is a last resort. Which leads to why they would even try to bring legal action to them if everything else they tried before did not work. Then why take it out on the Psychic, and healers?

Hopefully people are smart enough to know that yes the power of believing lies in the believer. If they choose to respect a Psychic enough to go to them then they should also respect the fact that they may not get the exact outcome as they expected.

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Oscar Veliz said...

I don't believe in psychic readings and I'd rather not know the future but there are a lot of people who truly believe in psychic powers.

Really psychicism is not a religion but rather more like really old traditions and knowledge ex: palm-reading, tasseography, and tarot. To me that really doesn't hold any religious significance but to others it is magic.